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Hey, I'm Amanda

I'm the Founder and Educator of Rising Star Developer. I became a property developer to be my own boss, earn a decent income and get control over my time.

But little did I realize that this decision would change my life and that of my family.

After nearly 10 years of developing small scale residential property, I've set myself and my family up financially and have a burning desire to help others.

Meet the Expert

I want to contribute to the world, whether by building new homes or sharing my knowledge to help you unlock your full potential.

Let me help you achieve financial freedom and get control over your time, so you can live your dream life and be the best version of yourself.

Profitable, Small Scale Development.

 The Path to Property Wealth and Lifestyle.

The 6 Step BluePrint to Property Wealth and the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

Rising Star Developer educates and supports current and aspiring property developers all around Australia to Build Lifestyle.
Having educated more than 10,000 people and provided personalised guidance to 500+ students through our signature program, the Rising Star Inner Circle, we are dedicated to helping you realise your property, wealth and lifestyle aspirations. No experience necessary.
Are you prepared to take the leap? Experience the thrill of creating the lifestyle you've always wanted through small-scale property development.
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Guy banked $60k in 3 months


Kerri banked $167k from her first deal 


Harry is on track to bank $3.9m



"When you go from not knowing something to suddenly realising what you do know...that journey of learning... Amanda has made that journey really easy and enjoyable."

Mel and Des

"We have been able to say ‘yes’ to a lot more things after paying our mortgage off after banking our first deal. We chose Rising Star because Amanda was assessable to answer our questions and the support has been amazing. We have made some great likeminded friends who have become Joint Venture partners along the way which has opened up so much opportunity."


"Amanda explains things clearly and concisely...
she knows an understanding of property development
at an expert level and it amazing how much value
she can pack in... this is the most valuable property development education I have ever done."

The results outlined by students in the testimonials and videos above have not been verified for accuracy and should not be relied upon.  The actual results of these students may have changed since the interviews were recorded. The testimonials and videos should not be taken as a guarantee that you will achieve the same results as your circumstances will be different.

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